School & Library Visits 

Performing for groups of children might be my favorite part of my job! I visit over 100 schools and libraries a year. My shows include: 

  • Read-alouds of some of my books
  • How I became a published author, including the process of writing & editing
  • How to activate your own creativity & imagination
  • Playing guitar & singing songs (while wearing a bear and/or yeti head)
  • Puppet shows using my handmade marionettes 
  • Q&As with students 

Other Things to Know

  • I have visited students from kindergarten to high school and will tailor my presentation to the grade level. 
  • I also perform at festivals, events, conferences, etc. 
  • I'm happy to travel! I've been to schools all over the country, and even a children's book festival in Dubai. 
  • I often schedule an entire district at once, visiting 2-3 schools a day over the course of a week. 

Reviews From Teachers, Librarians, and Kids

How to Book a Visit

"Kevin has a great way of incorporating the importance of reading and writing.  He explains to the students that it all began for him in the library, reading books.  He also has a unique way of explaining the writing process to kids.  His personality and enthusiasm really reaches students and makes them excited about writing." - An elementary school media specialist


"I loved the fact he said to be weird because I am weird and proud of it!" - Kaitlyn, 3rd grade


"My students laughed, sang, clapped, and asked questions. They were 1000% engaged from start to end. ... The experience allowed them to see, just as Kevin said, that authors are just regular people. ... I found the experience to be extremely valuable and hope to see it again in years to come at our school." - A 3rd grade math & science teacher


"I would like to meet your cat and pet rat. I want to know more about how the cat hasn't tried eating Email, the rat." - Demi, 3rd grade

"His energy and creativity shine through each presentation. He was the talk of the school. Students were so excited to have an author here in person and the impact of his visit will last a lifetime. The connection they were able to make to his books and him was so valuable." - An elementary school librarian


"I liked your performance. I liked his hair, too." - Henry, 2nd grade

To learn about my rates and schedule a visit, please email me using the contact form below. You can also download my one-sheet PDF to share with your school administration.

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